Self-Care Sunday

You all know how much I love to talk about self-care and self-love, because it is so important and so often forgotten. Self-care can be so simple, yet still have such a huge impact on how you feel each day. Suffering from post partum anxiety and depression has taught me that, and it has deeply been ingrained in me.

I went a really long time not taking care of myself, and always putting myself last. I know this is the case for so many moms, and it really doesn’t work so well. I have learned to work in little things throughout my day and routine to practice self-care that I need. It really is the little things that add up and make a huge impact on us.

One of my favorite self-care steps is exfoliating. It’s so simple, but it makes my skin feel and smell so good and it’s just the little something I need sometimes! I exfoliate 2-3 times a week using Ili Scrub Coffee Scrub. This stuff is made in Hawaii using organic local coffee, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, essential oils, and vitamin e. They are pure, and natural which I LOVE, and they smell incredible! I wish I could have you all smell my bags right now, they are so so good. My personal favorite is the coconut cacao coffee scrub. It smells go amazing, and is so great for your skin. Cacao + coconut + exfoliating to me is just brilliant because they all have such great benefits.

Cacao protects against free radicals, is full of magnesium, omega fatty acids, and vitamin c to promote cell repair and blood flow. Coconut is high in protein, super moisturizing, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Exfoliation removes old skin cells, revealing the glowy, newer skin underneath. It also encouraged cell regeneration, causing your cells to turn over quicker.

I love exfoliating in the shower, and when I exfoliate my face, I like to use a mask after because I know my skin is going to absorb it so much better!

Cheers to self-care, the little things, and a Sunday well-spent.

xo, Chels

*This is a sponsored post. However, I would never share anything with my readers that I did not truly believe in, love, and use myself. I would never support a business or brand I did not trust as being green/organic or a product that I did not believe in.


I love good skin care products, and one of my new favorite new brands is Kosmatology. The first thing I love about them are their ingredients and that they are . Clean, organic, and simple! I love the products, and they all smell INCREDIBLE, yet not overpowering. 

For a little at-home-pampering, I have been using the Kosmatology foot scrub in the bath, following up with the foot balm, and the grapefruit lotion bar. My skin is really dry, and the Utah air is also really dry. The lotion bar is super moisturizing and lasts all day! I am usually having to reapply lotions all throughout the day to avoid feeling dry. I was so impressed by that! I also really love that the foot balm is super-hydrating, as well as soothing. If your feet are tired or sore, this makes them feel better realllllly quickly.

I have also used the scrub on my daughter and the lotion bar on both kids! Amazzzzzing. Amelia loves to be pampered, and said the foot scrub was very relaxing. 😊 if you are looking for a nice way to relax at home, I highly suggest grabbing these for a relaxing bath (perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!).

We also have the Kosmatology foaming hand soap and the hand sanitizer. I am such a germaphobe, but I do not like to use anything with chemicals (especially on my kids!) so I’m always keeping my eyes opened for great soaps and sanitizers. I love the way both of these smell. And neither of them make out hands feel dry at all!!!!!

***This post was sponsored by Kosmatology, all opinions are entirely my own.


My bestie!

Cal loves his God mother! We do too!

My babies and their God mother!

I will be posting this cake recipe soon!!!







The perfect theme for our little Gruffalo was obviously a wild rumpus! I was so happy to have found some AMAZING companies on Etsy to help fill that vision. The crown is from mosey, and it is such high quality material, I wish so badly Cal would have left it on the whole time! He has never had anything other than a beanie on his head, so he was curious what it was, haha! But it is ridiculously cute, and I recommend all of her beautiful products.

I loved that Oh Wow! Design sent me an entire PDF package full of the most incredible and unique printables. The game the kids played was so cute and simple, perfect for toddlers. I loved the little coloring books. They made fore a great activity between treats! They have a ton of great designs for all occasions, and I would check them out if I were you 😉

I loved all these brands that I worked with, and would HIGHLY recommend them for anything they offer! Idalina, from WIth Love and Ink was great to work with and has created the most adorable stamped bags and napkins that you could find some for any theme or occasion. The cups are from All About Glitz and Glam, and I loooovveee that they were all different! They are adorable. Her shop offers soooo many cute items for birthday parties!!

I thought of having a build your own trail mix bar only a couple weeks before his birthday, and quickly fell in love with the idea. It was a hit, and perfect for all the little kids! I loved that I could have a bunch of healthy treats to offer, and everyone loved it. The “I’ll Eat You Up I Love You So” banner is my favorite! I actually save it to be used in Cal’s new room even. I just could not part with it! Smile Before Opening has SOOO many cute things and even custom orders you can choose! Highly recommend!

Throwing parties is SUPER stressful, but so much fun! I love making my kids birthdays as special as I can. Thank you to all these amazing brands for helping me make that possible with your incredible talent! Next time you are planning an event, PLEASE check these out! I spent such a long time looking through everything on Etsy to find the best prices, highest quality, and the best people to work with!

XO, Chels