Okay, first of all I know many of you are wondering…

what is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is literally the opposite of a “diet” mindset. It’s looking at food in a much more positive light.

With a “diet” mindset the relationship is often unhealthy and people see food as rewards and punishments. Which is not a healthy way to look at food! FOOD IS FOOD. period.

Intuitive eating (also mindful eating) is asking yourself “what food does my body need right now for nourishment” rather than “what does my body need right now to look (insert adjectives such as thin or skinny).” It’s creating a healthy relationship with your food because you are seeing it as the nourishment that you need and appreciating the value that it gives. It’s really listening to your body and taking the time to eat what feels right at that time without judgement. And that might look different from day-to-day, and that is okay!

It’s stopping the thoughts of “I can’t eat anything ever but when it’s cheat day I can and will eat everything I have wanted all week/month” and starting to think “I can eat anything I want any day, anytime.” You are choosing nourishment, and seeking to find what your body wants and needs as opposed to what you think (or what someone else thinks!) is going to make you lose weight, get “fit,” be healthy… anything like that.

Simply put, intuitive eating should be you personally listening in on what your body is needing at a particular time. Being okay with that, and nourishing yourself properly. Finding your own personal balance, and living within the space that works for your without judgement.

For me, this also means eating without labels. And I am sure most of you are thinking “but you eat gluten-free, and dairy-free… so how are those not labels?”

What I mean is this: some of us have a food intolerance, or choose not to eat something for whatever reason (you don’t need to explain your choices!). That is of course fine! But I think it is important to not label myself and who I am BY they way that I eat or by the food that I am choosing to eat or not choosing to eat. To me it also means being okay with your diet changing, and being open to what your body needs. My diet changes with my cycles, with what sounds good or feels right to me. Sometimes I go through a period of eating no egg, but if I feel like having an egg I will have one.

I hope that makes sense.

It’s all about listening to what your body wants and doing what works best for you at any given time.

a small piece about my journey

As a teenager, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I want to be clear that this is not intuitive eating. It was not mindful. It was not listening to my body or what I needed at that time. I am pretty sure I lived off wheat toast, peanut butter, dairy, and pasta. Not very healthy. And my body was not happy (but that is another story, for another time).

I really started listening to my body’s needs, and feeding myself what I needed. What my body was screaming out that it DIDN’T want. I quit eating dairy, quit being a vegetarian, and eventually quit gluten (among other things) when I learned more and more about what my body liked and did not like.

how can you start eating more intuitively?

I know it can sound complicated, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be. And honestly, it shouldn’t be. Listen to your body, tune in to how you feel before and after you eat. If you are having some problems and thing you have something going on, you an always seek help or start a food journal to track how your body reacts to certain foods.

5 tips to start TODAY

  1. start a food journal including how you feel after eating each thing
  2. before you eat, ask yourself if you are really hungry, then ask yourself what you are hungry for. what nourishment does your body need? protein? healthy fats? veggies? raw or cooked? TUNE IN to what your body is needing
  3. ladies, start CYCLE SYNCING and eating intuitively by what cycle you are on. I also have these DIY cycle syncing cards to help remind you what you need to do and eat during each phase
  4. stop judging yourself by what you eat. find a balance that works for you, and do not compare it to others. our bodies are different, our lives are different, so what we eat and when may differ and that. is. okay.
  5. eat what makes you feel GOOD. i don’t mean eat chocolate all day every  day because you love it. i mean eat the food that makes you feel energized, healthy, and overall amazing. and then let yourself have the chocolate without judgement on occasion because your balance will make your relationship with food happier than ever.

How was all that ranting? If you read through all the Chels rambling, good for you babe! You are ready to start eating intuitively and begin a healthy and positive relationship with food.

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Happy Monday, everyone! I know the majority of people don’t love that saying, because they don’t like Mondays. But Monday’s are great! There is something that feels so lively and fresh about a Monday that I always look forward to. I have made Monday’s into focusing on being mindful, in every way. Monday’s are usually when I’m implementing new habits and ideas, and it’s something I always look forward to doing.

I’ve been trying really hard lately to practice mindful eating. If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t!!) then stick with me here for a moment while I explain! Mindful eating is basically the act of taking time to be present with your meal, to digest your meal, and to enjoy the experience of nourishing your body!

Seriously, most days I don’t sit down to eat until dinner! I’m sure other stay st home parents can relate to that. I always feel like I have to be multitasking and eating was always feeling like something I had to squeeze in between folding laundry, playing with my kids, etc. What it always seems to come down to is basic self-care, making sure you eat, making sure you get to use the bathroom when you need to, all things I (and many other mothers) seem to struggle with daily. Mindful eating just goes a bit deeper, giving yourself the time to eat properly, and it truly does make a difference.

The science behind mindful eating: 

  • it takes about 20 minutes after eating for your brain to register satiety (fullness)
  • mindful eating enhances satiation
  • mindful eating can improve immune function
  • it can improve digestion
  • improves gut health, mind function, and lower stress


Tips for mindful eating:

  • use your non-dominant hand
  • do NOT multi-task while you are eating
  • use smaller plates and a larger cup for water
  • choose some soothing music to listen to while you eat
  • engage in conversation between bites
  • chew eat bit 20 times
  • close your eyes while you chew, to allow yourself to focus on the food


Let me know if you guys try this and what you think! It has been life changing for me. I try to eat this way for breakfast or lunch. I am working up to doing it every meal, everyday, but it’s practice! I definitely feel a lot better when I allow myself the time to eat mindfully, and it is soooo worth it!

I also need to say that I have loved hearing from those of you who have been trying out mindfulness, keep the emails coming! I love hearing about your experiences, thoughts, and ideas. I would appreciate hearing more about what you guys want to hear/learn about on the next #mindfulmonday 🙂

xx, Chels