Cheers to Saturday! Today I am fighting the overwhelming desire to pull out my Christmas trees and decor! I don’t know how much longer I can hold out though… I love Christmas! To make it even harder, we are attending the largest tree in Utah being lit tonight and I can. not. wait.

It’s been awhile since I have shared any tutorials, so I wanted to get one out there this weekend. Lately I have been loving stacked braids. Postpartum has been hard on my hair (stay tuned for a post on help with that, mama’s!) so a stacked braid adds a lot of depth and volume that I really need right now.

  1. I like to start a stacked braid with messy hair. I allow my hair to air dry without brushing it, and instead run my fingers through it when it is dry!
  2. I HAVE to add dry shampoo for texture right now, and it works amazing.
  3. Gather up a small amount of hair at the crown of your head.
  4. Pull it slightly to the side, to make it crooked, and do a regular 3 strand braid all the way to the ends. Secure with elastic. Instead of pulling out the whole braid, I do every 3 strands pulled out and leave the rest alone. I think it looks super cute and unique! (Sometimes I stop here if I am feeling like wearing my hair down!)
  5. I tease the sides just a little now for a little volume. Gather it all and do a dutch fishtail all the way to the ends. Pull the braid out, and knead it with your thumbs to create a thick, messy look.
  6. Take both braids and secure them together with an elastic. I use about 4 pins in the back of the braids to secure them together. Just be sure they aren’t visible in the front.
  7. Pull some pieces out in the front to frame your face, and mess with any pieces that need to look messier.

I hope that everyone is having a great Saturday, and if you try this braid out, use my hashtag on social media so I can see it! #tessamariehair

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Good morning! I’ve had so many requests for this style since I posted it, so here it is! Thank you all for being so patient with me as life has been hectic lately. 

  1. Spray your hair with dry shampoo. Not just your scalp, because it will give your hair great texture for this style! 
  2. Pull all your hair up into a low ponytail. I like to tease my hair a little to give it more volume before pulling it back. 
  3. Take a small piece of hair from your ponytail and twist it while you wrap it around your elastic. Use a pin to secure the hair in place on the under side of the pony. 
  4. Do a regular three stand braid, about 4-5 cross overs. This will depend on your hair length, just be sure you do less than half way. 
  5. Pull the braid apart to make it chunkier. Secure with elastic and repeat step #3 
  6.  Do a Dutch FISHTAIL with the remaining hair, pull apart, secure with an elastic and repeat step #3 
  7. Now I do a quick knead with my thumbs through the braids to make it a little messier. I love super messy braids but my fine hair type doesn’t hold them well. You can do this braid super messy or super clean! 

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Good evening readers! I hope this post has found you well, and happy, and if not I hope that maybe it will bring a smile or two to your face.

Marriage is incredible. It is hard, trying, and such a blessing all at the same time. My husband and I have been together for 8 years! I feel too young to be able to say that. We met in high school, but it was not your typical high school sweetheart romance. See, I was two grades younger than Sam. When we think back on all the ways we were intertwined in our lives, it is so crazy. We were seriously meant to be together. Before I even knew him, I dated his friend, we were almost always at the same place at the same time, and so many other crazy coincidences!

Here is a quick story of how we met:

We were in separate gym classes, but at the same time, during Sam’s senior year. His class would play volleyball, while mine would run (or in my case walk…) a mile around the track above the gym. My good friend Kiana knows that I spent that whole time staring at him in his short purple shorts and SUPER long hippie hair. It was total lust at first sight.

Then there was a  time he chased me and my friends down the mall to ask me what kind of earrings he should wear (insert ALL the laugh emoji’s here. We were SO COOL). We never really talked much and then after he graduated, he contacted me and we have been in love ever since!

This past month, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary with the renewal of our vows. It was so beautiful, simple, and sweet! So much has changed over the course of these past five years, and our family is complete, it just felt like a great time to say new vows with entering this next phase of life.


How beautiful is that cake!? And it was soooo yummy too! Almond poppy seed flavor!


My whole world, my whole heart, my home
Such a handsome little model! And always holding food haha



Oh my gosh! Her smile will melt your heart!



(Side note: Our cake was SO good! Cindy from Heritage Wedding Cakes is incredible! She made our wedding cake, first anniversary cake, and now this one! If you are a Utah bride-to-be you have to see her for a tasting! She is amazing and has the most delicious cakes and unique flavors. Plus, she is the kindest person to work with. Thank you for everything, Cindy!)


Tip #1 We have been through so much in our 5 years of marriage. Any married couple out there knows how hard the first year can be, and for us it really was. We were young, stubborn, and still working on communicating properly. I need to thank my amazing aunt and uncle for always being our one and only example of what a God-based, healthy, loving marriage is, because without them, we never would have had that example.

That would be my first tip to a newly married couple. Find another couple that you are close with to be your example of what marriage should be. Trust me, you will need them to learn and see that marriage is worth every difficult moment, especially in the beginning. I feel so blessed to know in my heart that Sam and I will be that for our children someday.

Tip #2 An incredible thing in our marriage is that at the center is Jesus. We are Christian and truly believe that having a Christ-centered marriage can get us through it all. We turn to God in all our needs, and for all our graces. He keeps us both strong, and our marriage even stronger. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Tip #3 Communicate. You’ll save yourselves from 1,000 petty arguments just by talking. Sam and I literally talk about everything (like staying up until midnight last night talking about Wild Kratts and Sophia the First…) so we are always sharing our worries, fears, joys, and anything else. I know exactly how my husband thinks, and same for him. We are always on the same page, because we are constantly discussing everything. We are best friends, and it really makes our marriage that much stronger. But it hasn’t always been so easy. Communicating was always my personal biggest struggle, and something I still have to work on all the time.


The Love Dare

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Love and Respect (also has a workbook!)

What is your biggest tip for married couples? Please share them with us in the comments, or on my Instagram!

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