Cookies have a special place in my heart. They’re one of my favorite treats and I love baking them. I love how versatile they are! They’re my favorite Christmas treat to make, too. They make amazing gifts for neighbors or coworkers, and there is a flavor for everyone.

These cookies are one of my new favorites. The flavors are so good and they’re easy to make!



1/2 c creamy peanut butter

2 eggs or flax eggs

1/3 c melted coconut oil

1 t vanilla

1/2 t pink salt

1/2 c coconut sugar

1 1/3 c Namaste Foods quinoa flour

7 Cocomel salted caramels

Mix together all ingredients except flour and caramels. Add in flour and mix well. Roll into one inch balls and top with small slice of caramel and extra salt if desired. Bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes.

Makes about 18 cookies.

I hope you guys enjoy these gems as much as we do! Be sure to use #naturallychelsrecipe on Instagram so I can see!

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE ORGANIC GIRL (gifts for all budgets!)

It’s Christmas shopping season and I know that comes with a lot of stress. In an effort to help everyone cut down on that stress (because we all know that stress is the enemy!) Here is a quick and easy guide for gifts of all sizes and prices!









NATURALLY CHELS RECIPES (my ecookbook!)- $3.99











THE DIVA CUP- $26-30



ORGANIC IS THE NEW BLACK TEE- $26  plus free shipping!





JADE BEAUTY ROLLER- $27 (on sale from $35!)






There are tons of great ideas out there big and small! I hope this little list helps you with your gift giving this year!

What are your favorite wholesome, organic, or non-toxic gifts to give?

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Vapour organic beauty is a green beauty company, made in the USA, that I have loved working with. They are clean and the products really deliver. If you haven’t heard of them out, I think you should definitely check out their website! Here are the products I have been trying out, along with my full review:

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation: This is a foundation stick that is creamy and very concentrated. It spreads on nicely, and feels like you’re applying velvet to your skin it is so smooth! I love the texture. The color I use is number 115, and it matches my skin tone well. The coverage is great, but it does feel pretty thick on your face (maybe I am hyper-sensitive to that because I don’t wear makeup daily) yet it doesn’t look thick or caked on. It leaves a clean, smooth, and natural look that I really love!

Instant Skin Perfector: This is used as the primer before the foundation stick. It’s purpose is to smooth out any lines in your skin and balance the overall texture. I love that it left my skin balanced, glowing, and gave a really good canvas for foundation. I use color 902 and it blended into my skin perfectly. After application, I waited about 5 minutes before applying the foundation to let the primer sit. I love the creamy texture and the dewy glow it gave me.

Eye Liner: I love this taupe-brown color for my green eyes. The pencil is really smooth, and smudge-able to create some really gorgeous eye looks. I love anything that you can use several ways, and this pencil is it. It’s great for so many looks. In these photos, I went with a more subtle eye, lining the top lid and waterline, then gently smudging the line. I love it!

Siren Lipstick: I have the color desire, and love it! The color is a soft petal pink, that looks great for any occasion and daily wear. I love the creamy texture of this lipstick, it’s not super gooey or sticky. Amelia (my 3-year-old) also loved this color and puts it on constantly!

Elixir Lip Gloss: This color is called flutter, and its a classically subtle pink. It’s gorgeous for everyday wear, and my favorite thing to apply when I am wearing no makeup or very neutral makeup look. The gloss isn’t too sticky and also looks killer over the lipstick I mentioned above!

Overall my experience with Vapour has been amazing. The products are clean and high-performing. If you are looking for clean makeup that is similar to high-quality conventional brands, this is it ladies. But now you don’t have to worry about applying toxins to your face just to wear makeup, or breaking out your skin over conventional makeup. Vapour, you have done well my friends!



Good morning babes! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and a mindful Monday. 😉

Nutritional yeast is a big staple in my house. You might be wondering what nutritional yeast is. It is a dehydrated naturally occurring yeast grown on molasses We are all dairy free over here, and nutritional yeast is a great way to add nutrients with a cheesy flavor.

Nutritional Yeast Benefits:

– High in all B vitamins, especially vitamin B6

– Antiviral and antibacterial properties

-Good source of protein

-Aids in digestion

-Good source of fiber, thiamin, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, molybdenum.

-Low in sodium

Nutritional yeast is extremely versatile, and can be added into ANYTHING you are eating. Here are some of my families favorite ways to use nutritional yeast. And yes, my kids LOVE it!

-Add 2 T into your smoothie (you won’t get a cheesy taste, but rather enhance your smoothies natural flavors.

-Sprinkle on top of all your meals (salads, soups, pasta, veggie bowls, tacos, you name it and nutritional yeast is a great addition!)

-Use it as a thickening agent in soups!

-To make vegan cheesy kale chips.

-To make various vegan cheese and cheese sauce recipes

-Add it into homemade vegan dressings for added nutrients.

-Sprinkle on eggs and quiche.

-“Cheesy” roasted chickpeas (and veggies too!)

-Replacement for added salt.

-I can keep going on and on… but you guys, you can add this stuff into e v e r y t h i n g. And I mean that. I mean it might seem weird to put in onto of your chocolate chip cookies…. but I won’t judge you!

I also have to include these two CRAZY easy and fast recipes that we use in our family all the time. These are two of my kids most favorite foods!

Vegan buttered noodles 

-add avocado or coconut oil to cooked and drained pasta. Sprinkle in nutritional yeast, garlic salt, and pepper. I add in probably 8 tablespoons of yeast when I make this because I make a big batch!

-add in your favorite roasted veggies! Peas, peppers, celery, broccoli, and squash are some of our personal favorites!

Yeast Popcorn

-using an airpop popcorn machine, pop some fresh gmo-free popcorn!

-melt coconut oil and pour over the popcorn in small batches.

-sprinkle and stir in garlic salt, pepper, and as much nutritional yeast as desired.

-tip: for a spicy version, sprinkle on some cayenne powder!

There are a ton of nutritional yeast brands out there, and I have used a few. But after discovering that some brands add in synthetic vitamins and minerals to their nutritional yeast, I turned to Sari Foods brand. They are 100% all natural, non gmo, kosher, non toxic, absolutely no additives, and as good as can be! I recommend purchasing through Amazon here:


Have you or do you use nutritional yeast? I would love to hear your favorite use for it! And if you are not already using Sari Foods nutritional yeast, I definitely recommend it! The Amazon price is so so good, too!

xo, Chels

Organic Food Costco Haul

So many people don’t realize that eating organic and clean isn’t always as pricey as you many think. While there are a few items I would go to Whole Foods for, it is not where I do my weekly grocery shopping trips. My main stores are Costco, and Sprouts. I will be posting my Sprouts list soon, but Costco is where I get the majority of our food.


1.Sweet Potatoes $7.99

2. Dates $8.99

3. Baby Kale $4.99

4. Spinach $4.29

5. Broccoli $5.49

6. Blueberries $6.99

7. Power Greens $4.99

8. Raspberries $8.99

9. Chopped Butternut Squash $4.79


Silk Almond Milk $7.69

Hope Hummus $6.49

Kirkland Hummus Singles $5.49

Tofu $5.69

Booch $12.99

Basil and Garlic Chicken Meatballs $10.89-$13.89

Barley and Chopped Vegetable Soup $9.39

Maya Kaimal Curry Sauces $12.99

Perfet Bars $18.99


Tortilla Chips $4.59

Dried Mangoes $17.89

Dried Apricots $11.99

Figgy Pop Energy Bites $10.99

Stacy’s Pita Chips $6.99

Applesauce Pouches GoGo Brand $10.99 or Kirkland Brand $9.99

Food Should Taste Good Chips $5.99

Pretzel Crisps $6.89

Late July Chips $5.99

Mary’s Gone Crackers $8.49

Raw Garcia Sweet Potato Crackers $9.59

Bare Apple Chips $9.89

Fruit Leather Strips $10.59


Coconut Oil $18.99

Chosen Foods Avo Oil $9.69

Raw Local Honey $12.69

Agave $9.99

Chia Seeds $7.29

Hemp Hearts $11.99

Nutiva Coconut Flour $6.89

Namaste GF Flour $7.99

TruRoots GF Pasta $6.99

Brown Rice Ramen $8.99

Brown Rice $13.99

Seeds of Change Brown Rice and Quinoa $11.29

Maple Syrup $10.99

Starbucks Organic Coffee $12.79


Superfood Vegan Burgers $13.99 (They seem to alI kways be on sale around $10)

Wild Caught Salmon Burgers $14.99 or Filets $27.99

Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock $11.99

Antioxidant Fruit Blend $9.99

Mangoes $9.29

Peas $6.39


ECOS Laundry Detergent $12.99-$9.39

I know there are probably a few I missed, but Costco is always changing what they carry. Please note that prices will also vary based on where you live. These are the prices from my local Costco. I hope this helps all of you that have messaged and emailed me about what I buy from Costco!

Anyway, thank you for reading! Be sure you are following on Instagram and by email 🙂

xo, Chels


Mindful Monday: Manipura Chakra

Well, It’s Thursday, but who says that means I can’t share a #mindfulmonday post? Ha! Things have been really hectic in my life lately, and it’s definitely showing here. I appreciate that you are all still here though, and still supporting me. Although I don’t always have enough time to blog, I really enjoy it and love that I get to share it with all of you!

Today I wanted to share a little bit about the solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura.

Location: Solar plexus

Chakra meaning: regulates fears, sense of personal power, and gut feelings. Connects to the ego.

Off balance: Low self-confidence, confusion, depression.

Color: Yellow

Affirmations: I do enough. I am more than enough. I accept myself and stand with confidence in my personal power. I respect myself.

Foods: lemon, turmeric, banana, pineapple.

Element: Fire

Aromatherapy: burning candle is best: lemongrass, fennel, lemon, lime.

Tips to Balance:

1. wear yellow

2.try some yoga poses: bow and fish pose are great for this!

3.use affirmations first thing in the morning, and before bed.

4.try this journal prompt: What are your favorite things about yourself and why?

If you are feeling up to it, share number 4 in the comments!

xo. Chels


“Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with love.”

Good morning beauties! Being mindful can seem really difficult and overwhelming. So today I wanted to share  three easy tips with you guys that will make mindfulness a simple, everyday thing. These are all things I do to try to keep myself as present as possible. It’s still something I’m working on, too!

  1. Put your phone away. How often are your present while scrolling through social media? Never. Obviously, we are all going to be on our phones sometimes (that’s why I’ve chosen to follow people who uplift me and never give me the feeling of being “less than.”) but we need to break away sometimes. Forget about your phone for a few hours and give your kids your full attention, or yourself your full attention. You will be surprised to see how much of a difference forgetting about your phone will make in how present and aware you are!
  2. Send your useless thoughts away. This is something my sweet mother in law is always reminding me to do, and something I personally need to get better  at doing. Each time you have a useless thought (worrying about the future, stressing about the past, or anything negative in general) imagine sending the thought away in a bubble. I think that the biggest part of mindfulness is not to no longer have those thoughts, because we all are, but to recognize when they are happening and let them go as quickly as you can. This is something that will take a ton of practice, but it is so easy to try!
  3. Breathe through your stressful moments. Being stressed is so useless, am I right? Yet, it plagues so many of us, myself included. As you guys know, postpartum anxiety is something I am still struggling with, but this can be used for any stressful moments in anyone’s life! Anytime you are finding yourself lost in your head stressing about things you have no control over, stop and breathe. Try doing the previous tip, and just breathe through it until you feel a little better. This is something we have always done with our kids, and Amelia is really great at it. Anytime she is feeling overwhelmed, or upset, she stops and breathes deeply, then says she feels better! Wise little lady, that one! She is also always reminding those around her to breathe whenever she can sence they are not okay (even baby brother, which is just about the sweetest thing!).

These are all useful, simple things to try everyday, any day, at any time you feel they are needed. In my opinion, the biggest thing is to train yourself to recognize when you are NOT being present, and do your best to move on. It’s not easy, and it takes practice, but we are all in this together, and no one is expecting us to be perfect in any way!

Let me know if you try any of these today, and what you thought about your experience. You can comment here, or contact me on my Instagram!

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xo, Chels


Dear mom’s,

There is something I want to share with you, something I really was too afraid to share before now. Something I thought I COULDN’T share, because of this reason, or no reason at all. Just plain fear. But I am going to. Because I wish I had read something like this, and I hope it will help even one mom, one time.

Being a mom is my favorite part about my life. It’s what I always wanted to be, and it has been even better than I ever could have imagined. Although, there have been some things that I didn’t ever anticipate happening to me. That’s how it always is though, right? You hear about bad things happening to other people but think, “that would never happen to me!” And sometimes, you are right. Sometimes you are unscathed and those bad things don’t happen to you.

And sometime’s, you are wrong. So dead wrong that you don’t even know what to do, or where to turn because you never even considered that it might be you. 

This was me.

When we lost our first pregnancy, I wanted to get pregnant again right away. I didn’t know how to cope, and I knew that was what would help me. And it did. My pregnancy was hard, I had HG and struggled to keep up with life. After her birth, I expected everything else to be soooo easy. Yet, I was wrong, again. I fell into depression, while unable to cope with my struggle to breastfeed. Back then I didn’t even realize I had postpartum anxiety, and depression. I thought it was normal. I blamed it all on breastfeeding and grew an unhealthy and unrealistic (for me) attachment to it.

After going through that, I knew I needed to have no attachment when we wanted to get pregnant again, and I didn’t. I was as unattached to it as I could be. I thought everything was going fine. The birth left me with a lot of anxiety and terrible thoughts, but I had some of those thoughts while pregnant (morn=bid thoughts that Calum and I were going to die), and brushed them off as best as I could. I still didn’t realize I was suffering postpartum anxiety and depression.  The first few months of Cal’s life were hard, and I blamed the way I was feeling on that.

Until finally, one day it hit me. Amelia was standing on the toilet and I saw her falling off of it, several times, but she wasn’t falling. She was secure, and she was fine. I felt crazy and then was hit with the thought: “something is wrong. I think I have postpartum anxiety.” So I called my midwife. We talked about all the things I was feeling. All the things I was feeling so anxious about, all the emotions I was struggling with that made no sense and were so intense that I couldn’t cope with the basics of life. I couldn’t leave my house. I didn’t talk to anyone. I was depressed.

I got on several herbs and supplements and started taking more of my placenta pills (yeah, I encapsulated mine each baby, and I am so grateful I did!). I wanted to share all the other things I did to help:

The herbs I took daily:

  • 2-3,000 mg fish oil
  • ashwaganda
  • lemon balm
  • passion flower
  • evening primrose oil

Other things I did daily:

  • yoga/meditation
  • time for myself
  • Spending time outside (even just walking to the mailbox to start)
  • eating healthy again (when you feel this way you really do stop taking care of yourself)
  • breathing
  • writing
  • talking to my husband and my best friend about the things that were hard to talk about
  • Taking one day, one moment, one task at a time
  • each day I wrote down 3 things that went well, no matter how small!
  • got back to writing
  • started my blog (something I always waned to do!)
  • prayer and meditation
  • slowly worked on being present in each moment, and finding the joy in it even if it wasn’t the most joyful moment.
  • getting more sleep and rest
  • (probably the biggest) spending quality time with each of my kids

There are so many things that will help, and some were not for me, and some won’t be for you. I wanted to share what helped me. I am 9 months pp now and mostly doing great. I am definitely feeling more normal than I have for a long time, and I am so grateful to all of the people who helped me get here. My biggest advice is do NOT try to go it alone. I thought I could the first time, and I ignored it, and I never healed. It made the second time so much harder and so much more severe. It was terrifying, and I hate that this happens to so many mama’s. Being a new mom is hard enough.

I honestly never wanted to share any of this, but lately I have been feeling that I need to. I feel that if I had read something like this all that time ago, I would have maybe realized what was going on, or understood it better. I would have started getting help a lot sooner, and I know that if ppd was talked about more, I would not have been so scared to share it publicly.

But I hope that changes. I hope that more women open up about it, and share it with others so we can all support and lift each other. We need it so much, sometimes more than we realize.

If you think you might be suffering postpartum depression, anxiety, or psychosis, please tell someone. Please get help, and please know that you are not alone. It happens all the time, more than we ever even know. And it’s okay. There is a light at the end of that tunnel. If you ever need anyone to talk to, you can always reach out to me. I am not a doctor, of any kind, but I know what it is like. I have survived it. I can and I will be a friend, someone to talk to, to vent to, to lean on, someone who can understand, someone who will help you in anyway you need and in  anyway that I can.


Never forget that you are amazing, and strong, and you are doing an amazing job as a mama. There are millions of other moms out there who are cheering you on, who have your back, and would be there for you if you ever needed them.




I love doing new things with my hair. Pony’s have always been a favorite of mine, especially in fall when I am wearing scarves or sweaters and want my hair out of the way, but they can get boring. Lately I have been playing around with new ideas for a pony, and came up with these that I will be wearing all fall long, and I hope you will too!


  • Gather two pieces of hair as shown and tie them together. Use two pins (one on top, one on bottom) to secure the knot in place.
  • Do the same thing with two new pieces just below the first knot.
  • Pull all your hair into a low pony, just below the second knot.
  • Grab a small section of hair from the pony and wrap around your elastic, securing with pins as you go (I usually use 3).





  • Part your hair, and start a dutch braid on one side right at your part. Braid toward the back of your head while you incorporate a few pieces into your braid. Stop incorporating extra hair after only a few cross overs.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Pull the braids apart at the top only. You only want to do the half of the braid that will be against your head (and not in the ponytail at the end).
  • Pull all your hair into a low pony.
  • Find the two braids in the pony and wrap them around your elastic to hide it (I take one braid over the top and one of the bottom). Secure with pins as you go.

What I love the most about these is that they are fast, easy, and require no prep.

I hope that they both make sense and that you like them! If you try them out, please use the hashtag #tessamariehair so I can see it!

Thanks so much for reading, and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!