Hello! Welcome to Naturally Chels.

First I want to thank you so much for being here, and for your support. I want to share a little about me, so we can get to know each other better, and I would love if you wanted to contact me and share something about yourself as well!!

I want to share with you first what my purpose is here, my goal, and what I hope you can gain by being part of this community.

I help parents learn about clean eating and finding balance, so that they can get their families eating clean, real food that fits within their budgets and lifestyles. 

Does that mean that you cannot gain knowledge if you are not a parent? HECK NO. Anyone can benefit from the recipes and resources found here. My recipes and programs are focused on helping busy families, so if you are living in the modern day busy world and wanting to learn to eat clean real food that works for your life, you have come to the right place!

I hope that by being here you can collect clean recipes, inspiration, and resources to get you and your family eating well, feeling amazing, without the stress and overwhelm!


A little about me… 

I live in SLC, with my husband of 7 years, and I am a stay at home mama to our two beautiful children. I love getting into a good book (and sniffing said book, because books smell like they fell from heaven. Almost as good as newborn babies…. okay maybe not THAT good. But close…) and collecting mugs. I kind of have a mug problem…

My journey to health started fairly young. As a teen, I was a vegetarian. So I got really into reading labels and researching ingredients. I used to carry around a small notebook with a list of what ingredients were in each product I read and then go home and look it all up. Everything kind of grew from there, which ended up leading me to start Naturally Chels.

I am a certified yoga instructor, recipe developer, self love/care advocate, birth junkie, mindfulness lover, and holistic living advocate. I hope that you love what you find here!

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