I’m probably the biggest germaphobe I will ever know. I hate when a cold hit my family, so we do everything we can to prevent them and keep them short when they do become a problem.

These things are so simple and have seriously helped DRASTICALLY. I used to get really horrible head colds a few times each winter and they would last 7-10 days! Now I rarely get sick. In fact, this cold/flu season I have had two teeny tiny colds. The first one lasted TWO DAYS! And I barely felt anything. The second on lasted 4 days and only caused slight congestion randomly throughout the day.

These things have also helped keep Amelia healthy too. When our kids do get a cold it is always short and doesn’t seem to be much of a bother for them. I hope these things can keep you and your family healthy too!

1. Elderberry syrup. I make my own and it’s really easy to make. It keeps well in the freezer too so I make a bunch at one time so I’m not having to make it constantly through fall and winter!

2. Epsom salt bath. (Be sure not to do this one for babies and little toddlers). For adults, you can add some doterra Breathe essential oil to the bath as well which will really help! Just a drop will do.

3. Humidifier and diffuser. I even add the essential oils to my diffuser. Diffusing diluted ACV is also really useful.

4. Flush yourself with water. When I feel I’m getting sick, I cut myself back on coffee (coffee can be dehydrating) and drink ridiculous amounts of water.

5. My cold remedy tea. Eucalyptus tea, raw honey, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar. It seriously kills any sickness coming on and makes me feel great again! It may sound yucky, but I promise it isn’t! Just don’t overdo the ACV 😉

These are the top 5 things I do all through cold/flu season and anytime an illness hits our home. I would love to hear what your top remedies are and how they have helped your family! Share them here or over on instagram!

Here is to staying happy and healthy all year long!

xo, Chels

*EDIT: I also love to make a homemade bone broth soup filled with all the vegetables we want, fresh garlic, turmeric, and ginger. My kids love it and it keeps us all super healthy! 
*this post contains affiliate links, each item linked are the exact pitches I personally make and the things we use and love!