I love good skin care products, and one of my new favorite new brands is Kosmatology. The first thing I love about them are their ingredients and that they are . Clean, organic, and simple! I love the products, and they all smell INCREDIBLE, yet not overpowering. 

For a little at-home-pampering, I have been using the Kosmatology foot scrub in the bath, following up with the foot balm, and the grapefruit lotion bar. My skin is really dry, and the Utah air is also really dry. The lotion bar is super moisturizing and lasts all day! I am usually having to reapply lotions all throughout the day to avoid feeling dry. I was so impressed by that! I also really love that the foot balm is super-hydrating, as well as soothing. If your feet are tired or sore, this makes them feel better realllllly quickly.

I have also used the scrub on my daughter and the lotion bar on both kids! Amazzzzzing. Amelia loves to be pampered, and said the foot scrub was very relaxing. 😊 if you are looking for a nice way to relax at home, I highly suggest grabbing these for a relaxing bath (perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!).

We also have the Kosmatology foaming hand soap and the hand sanitizer. I am such a germaphobe, but I do not like to use anything with chemicals (especially on my kids!) so I’m always keeping my eyes opened for great soaps and sanitizers. I love the way both of these smell. And neither of them make out hands feel dry at all!!!!!

***This post was sponsored by Kosmatology, all opinions are entirely my own.