Good morning my friends! I hope everyone has had a  great week following Christmas and that you are all ready to welcome the new year (I know I am!).

If you are local (Utah) tune in to Good Things Utah at 9am to see my segment that will go with this post and see the oil made first hand by me! If you are not local, I will be sharing the link in my social media accounts this weekend, so no worries!

I have talked a little about postpartum hair loss before, and I know so many of you have been asking me what I do about it. I need to get a lot better about putting this mask on every time I wash my hair (usually my showers are sooo fast while my kids are occupied with something for a few minutes!) because it really does work. Each time I use this, I notice a huge difference.

When you are pregnant, your estrogen levels go way up, which prevents as many hairs to fall out each day. Then you give birth, and it can feel like you’re balding. But you aren’t. But that doesn’t really help. Postpartum is hard enough and then we have to deal with our hair on everyone’s dinner plate even though you pulled it back, and every time you wash your hair it looks like someone shaved a long haired dog in the tub. Yeah, it’s not fun.

So I found a solution. The great thing is that post partum hair loss doesn’t last forever. But this super easy mask and tips can help prevent and recover the damage.

In a jar, I shake up:

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

Lavender essential oil

Breathe essential oil (peppermint and tea tree oil are great for hair loss and growth!)

That’s it!

I just do equal parts of the coconut and avocado oil, add 2 drops of each essential oil, and massage into my scalp for as long as I can. The longer, the better! Then shampoo it out.

I recommend using it once a week, or every time you wash your hair if you are like me and sometimes it’s longer than a week!

Another tip to help your postpartum hair, braid it before you go to sleep to prevent more hairs falling out while you slumber!