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Being a mom has been the best experience of my life. I love being a mom. It’s really hard, and along the way I have learned and changed so much. More than I ever thought I would. Today I wanted to share (a few) things my kids have taught me…

1- Things (materialistic items) do not matter like they used to.

2- Non-attachment (not literally!). Children are the best example of this, and it is something that I admire deeply.  When I was in yoga school, we learned a lot about non-attachment. I remember thinking how great that would be, but noting I could never, and hardly even trying. Note: this non-attachment Buddhist practice means to be unattached from things like goals, dreams, desires. To not hold expectations of yourself that typically end up making people unhappy.

3- To live in the present. Nothing has made me more present than my kids. Nothing. In fact, before they were here, Sam and I used to talk about how we hated always living for what was next, and never feeling in the moment. We got engaged, and we lived for the wedding. Then we lived for buying a house. Then we lived for the next house, then for a pregnancy, then for the birth. It felt like a never-ending cycle that we were always hoping to break.

4- To smile and laugh more. Kids are literally ALWAYS smiling! It’s definitely contagious, and I think the more you smile, the happy you are.

5- Quality over quantity. Seriously, kids are hard on everything! After about two weeks of certain brands of comfy pants, Cal will tear a hole through them! I do not recommend the H&M sweat pants for babies. Ugh. Freshly Picked moccasins are SUPER high quality and they last forever. They are so durable, my kids walk in them, wear them outside, and Amelia would wear them to dance even! (Also, they are going to be having a year end sale tomorrow, so get ready! YAY!)


What have your kids taught you? I seriously feel like my kids teach me more about life in a single day than anything else has for all of my (nearly) 25 years. They are so incredible.


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  1. I’ve learned a few things in connection with what you’ve mentioned:
    1-things do not matter like they used to, so don’t buy anything that you would be heartbroken about if they got scratched or spilled on or peed on etc. etc.

    2-have realistic expectations and forgive yourself, your children, your husband, and other people in general when they don’t meet them. Have tolerance.

    3-have gratitude

    4-the more you smile with and at your children, the happier you all will be, the more love will be in your home, and the better your children will behave (because they love you and know you love them in return and they don’t want to see that smile and not disappoint you).

    5-YES. Especially with shoes. It’s hard because dropping $30+ on shoes for children seems like such a ridiculous price, but as a mom of multiples, I’d rather go out shopping once for a nice pair of shoes that will last a long time (for the current child and the one coming up!) than have to go shopping multiple times for cheap shoes that will last a few weeks!

    Great post! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts as well!


  2. Sue! YES! YES! YES! #2 is huge, and something I have to work on a lot still this postpartum (it’s a rough one). I could not agree with your comments more! Thank you so much for sharing! I know! It seems a little crazy at first, but if you don’t, they are trashed in a week! Even with a girl and a boy, I love getting some things gender neutral that Calum can use when he is older, too. My best friend has a baby girl, so I always think (when buying Amelia something) that she can use this after, too. I love being able to keep the items going from child to child because they are high-quality! FP moccs are definitely one of them. I seriously cannot live without them 🙂

    Thank again, girl!



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