Good morning! We are getting SO close to Christmas day, and I meant to share this earlier! I know a lot of families do something like this, and I love the idea! We have always done Christmas Eve boxes, and filled them with different things (and some of the same things) each year.

Our focus is things for Christmas Eve:


-Reindeer food

-Christmas book

-Christmas movie

-Snacks for the movie

-Craft to make

-Christmas mug and organic cocoa

-Stuffed animal (or in Millie’s case, a stuffed Elsa)


There are so many fun ideas I have seen out there, these are just what I like to do. I don’t do all of it, but kind of switch off some of them so they are always just a little bit different, but the theme is consistent!

I love Christmas Eve, we bake cookies, watch movies, snuggle, and do crafts! What are your Christmas Eve traditions? Do you do a box for your kids?

I would love more/new ideas if any of you have any!

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!