6 DAYS! S I X days! AH! I am seriously so excited. But a little sad, because then it’ll all be over. I love Christmastime so much, as you already know, and our Christmas traditions are my favorite. I want to do these things year-round, so don’t judge me when I try it! Haha!

We love to get in as many Christmas experiences as we can during the holidays, our favorites include (but certainly are not limited to!):

  • Gardner Village
  • Festival of Trees
  • Thanksgiving Point Lights
  • The North Pole Express (meant to post last week… oops! It was amazing!)
  • Christmas crafting
  • Traverse Mountain tree lighting
  • Making salt dough ornament keepsakes
  • Baking & decorating homemade gingerbread cookies and house
  • We love to do a charity/act of kindness (buying someone’s dinner, toys for tots, secret Santa for a family in need, things like that!)
  • Christmas Eve boxes (doing a little post on these later this week! I am behind! :/)
  • Christmas Eve we bake cookies for Santa!
  • Christmas Eve jammie’s and movie (this year will be The Grinch, I am sure. It’s Millie’s FAVE right now!)
  • Christmas morning I have a breakfast prepared the night before so I just throw it in the oven while we start the presents and stockings!
  • Christmas dinner the past few years I made the same thing but want to find something maybe a little easier and less time consuming for now! Haha


There are so many more I am so eager to start as our kids get a little older. Next year I am going to start something called “Kindness Elves” which I am so excited to do!

What are your family’s traditions, and how old are your kids? I love that these can change over the years, depending on the ages of your children! It’s so exciting! Share them in the comments or over on Instagram!

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 See Kiana or Madeline’s blogs to join! 


  1. I haven’t been down to Gardner Village yet this year, and I’ve never been to Thanksgiving point! But I think that your breakfast prep the night before is genius. I need to give that a shot. My sisters and I used to make breakfast together in the morning. The person in charge of the bacon was the unlucky one. Haha!


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