Good morning! I’ve had so many requests for this style since I posted it, so here it is! Thank you all for being so patient with me as life has been hectic lately. 

  1. Spray your hair with dry shampoo. Not just your scalp, because it will give your hair great texture for this style! 
  2. Pull all your hair up into a low ponytail. I like to tease my hair a little to give it more volume before pulling it back. 
  3. Take a small piece of hair from your ponytail and twist it while you wrap it around your elastic. Use a pin to secure the hair in place on the under side of the pony. 
  4. Do a regular three stand braid, about 4-5 cross overs. This will depend on your hair length, just be sure you do less than half way. 
  5. Pull the braid apart to make it chunkier. Secure with elastic and repeat step #3 
  6.  Do a Dutch FISHTAIL with the remaining hair, pull apart, secure with an elastic and repeat step #3 
  7. Now I do a quick knead with my thumbs through the braids to make it a little messier. I love super messy braids but my fine hair type doesn’t hold them well. You can do this braid super messy or super clean! 

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