BABY MUST-HAVES (6-12 months)

It’s hard to believe sometimes that Calum is already 7 months old (as of yesterday!). However, the boy is pretty certain he is already one (insert eyeroll plus tears). He’s wild! And too much fun!! Every age is so different and fun to experience it, even when you have already done it before. I love this age gap because curiosity is high, and so many changes are happening.

Cal has been pulling himself up, crawling, talking, and playing for a long time now so we are starting to transition out all of the little baby stuff to the older baby stuff. I thought I would share my top 10 must have products for the older babies! It was really hard to choose, because there are SO many great things out there!

  1. A good baby carrier.  How could I ever parent two kids without baby wearing?! There are so many great ones out there, and it really is a personal preference. There are some great choices in that link!
  2. Gathre Leather Mat. Perfect for park days, pool days, changing bums.
  3. Teething toys. My kids start teething REALLY early, but most babes start around this age. And teething sucks, so it’s good to be prepared with all the great teethers!
  4. Amber Teething Necklace. Also for teething, and seriously one of my biggest must-haves. They really work! Both of my kids have had theirs on since they were tiny little babes, and I do not know what we would have done without them!
  5. Pacifier Clip. If you happen to give your baby a paci like we do, having a good clip to keep them clean, and safe from being lost is a must!
  6. Phillup Cups. Definitely for when they are older, and into toddler and older ages, but they are so great!
  7. NumNum Dips. These are amazing for the baby learning to eat and also great for teething.
  8. Nose Frida. Really for all ages, but sooooo helpful for stuffy noses! My baby had RSV as a newborn (worst experience ever, poor baby.) and this helped him get better so much faster! Life. Saver.
  9. Books. We start reading to our babes immediately, but if you haven’t started then this is a good age to do it! I love Lucy Darling books and Babylit books are seriously amazing!
  10. Toys. This age is perfect to start the stacking rings, puzzles, blocks, and other learning toys. There are so many great options.

It’s great to find a good store that you can rely on for these types of things, and for me that has been The Baby Cubby. They have everything you could ever need, and they carry amazing brands we all looooove. Whether on their website, in the retail store, or through social media (they have a great blog!) you will see a huge difference knowing that they are not there just to sell “stuff” but to be a resource for parents through the entire, wonderful, messy journey of parenthood.

A little more about The Baby Cubby:

I love that at Baby Cubby you will be encouraged, helped, and inspired by an amazing team of parents who are always reminding other moms and dads how amazing their role is. We all need that sometimes, and you can always count on The Baby Cubby Team to feel inspired and encouraged. The Baby Cubby is definitely the perfect place for any parent who has ever felt overwhelmed with becoming a parent, or with a new phase of parenting because they carry the best and safest baby gear around. They will provide you a fun shopping experience (you can test drive strollers on the “stroller track, and they price match everyday, even with Amazon!).

At The Baby Cubby you can be sure to find the greatest baby products, but also some great things for mom. They offer drive up ordering, so that busy parents don’t have to haul all of their kids and bag in just to shop, how amazing is that?! On their website you will find a list of “Cubby Picks” to help you make choices on what your family may need. They have a nice lounging area for parents and their kids to have a relaxing trip, and there is SO MUCH nursery inspiration throughout the entire store, it’s basically like a Pinterest board! It’s incredible! Anyone local has got to head over to see it, and anyone not here locally can order online and enjoy everyday free shipping on orders over $49!

But remember, The Baby Cubby is so much more because they also have their cubby community blog to discuss some of the harder topics of parenting. It is a great parenting resource!

I have been shopping with The Baby Cubby since Amelia was a baby, and I grow to love them more every shopping trip! Thanks for reading, and have a great Wednesday!


 *This post was made in partnership with The Baby Cubby. All opinions are my own. I would never share a product, or company with my readers that I didn’t truly love or believe in.