Hey lovely readers! Last week I dared this hairstyle with you guys on my Instagram and had tons of requests for a tutorial. It’s so easy and simple, so here is a quick how-to! I hope you guys like it. Let me know in the comments! 

Step 1. Start with clean hair. Prep with texturizing spray. 

Step 2. Part your hair. I do it about an inch about my ears and leave out pieces to frame my face as well. 

Step 3. Do a simple 3 strand braid, as loose as you can. Gently pull it apart for a chunkier braid. Spray both the top of bottom of the braid with a medium hold hairspray. 

Step 4. Take down the second half of your hair and do another 3 strand braid, but do this one tighter! This will help give a more textured look to the final braid. 

Step 5. Secure the two braids together in one elastic. Then you’ll take about four Bobby pins and push then straight down the two braids, connecting them. I hope that makes sense! 

That’s it! I like to finish this off with a good spray of hairspray just because it’s a looser braid and if my hair is clean it’s really soft and doesn’t like to stay in its place.

Let me know if you try this braid and use the hashtag #tessamariehair on social media so I can see! 

Thanks so much guys, I hope you like this one! It’s perfect for running errands or just a casual day with the family!