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Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great Monday morning (I know they can be hard) and a good start to the week. We were up a bit late watching fireworks again, so we are all a little sleepy today. Needless to say, this mama will be enjoying plenty of coffee this morning.

I had a few questions after I posted this hairstyle on how I did it. It is seriously SO easy and pretty fast, too. I didn’t know how I should do my hair for a long and late night baseball game but this was the perfect choice.

  1. Put your hair in a ponytail, wherever you like it to be on your head.
  2. Grab two pieces of hair from UNDER the pony and pull to the front (almost like you are going to create a fishtail braid) tie them together with a clear elastic.
  3. Continue until you are ready to finish and tie the hair together with an elastic.
  4. To pull the braid out, you need to pull harder than usual because there are so many elastics!

*If you over-pull, you can easily correct is by pulling the same piece diagonally down from the piece that was pulled too much.*

I hope that makes sense to everyone! If you have any questions just post below or on Instagram and I will answer them!

Thank you so much for reading and following! If you try this braid out, please post it using the hashtag #tessamariehair so I can see!


p.s. a little announcement for those of you living in Utah, I will be on GTU on channel 4 again this Friday at 9am!