Ten Minute Yoga

Finding time to work out is HARD as a mama! Whether you are a stay at home mom, like me, or a working mom, time is limited. And we always want to spend our spare time with our kids! Sometimes (at least for me!) it can be hard to make time for yourself. Mom guilt is NO JOKE and when we take a few moments for ourselves sometimes we are left feeling super guilty about it, which is not how it should be! I always seem to struggle to make time to take care of myself, but when I do I am such a better version of me, which in turn makes me a better mama. That is something my kids, my husband, myself, and even my doggy deserves!

That being said, time is still limited. What I have found to be the easiest way to squeeze in a work out (other than playing with a toddler and baby all day!) is quick yoga sequences whenever I have a few minutes. This is usually my go-to unless I want something more difficult, then I will do ten minutes of plank variations and stretches. I’ll do a post on that one later!

Typically I like to start out with sun salutations, but when I only have ten minutes or so, there just isn’t time for them! So I being with a little Mountain Pose variation: the variation being holding a big baby in the air!


Then I move into Chair Pose. It is really fun to do with my kids because they both think it’s a game and just giggle the whole time! It’s the best motivation I could get! Of course, there are a lot of smooches and tickles that go on!

Next I do Tree Pose, while still holding Cal. The added weight makes me use my core more to balance!

Then I do a few Cat/Cow and this little variation. Amelia thinks it is so fun and funny and crawls around under me! It’s the cutest!

Now it’s time for a little bit of planks. These are the variations I will do in this quick sequence. Amelia loves this the best, and her crawling around underneath me is so much fun for her, and makes it into a fun game! It’s also great because then I have to hold my planks a little longer than I normally would!

My little love! 

I try to finish it off with with some simple twists or child’s pose, but I missed those photos this time! Oops!


I love this quick and easy sequence because it is something I can do while my kids are still awake, and only takes ten minutes!  Plus both of my kids think it’s pretty fun and that is really motivating to me!


Thanks for reading!


What quick exercises are your favorite to do with your kids?

I’d love to hear them!



**Yoga pants are from Target!

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    1. I am so glad to hear that! Thank you! I’m not always good about it but I do try for a few times a week and the days I get to do it I am a much happier, more energized person! It’s amazing.


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